We coach and feature each student as the unique individual they are and, through vocal music, help them discover and develop how best to express what makes them a "one of a kind". We welcome all ages & abilities. The Performer Studio is unique in that we offer more than just training, but also mentoring and direction, all leading to regular, high caliber performance opportunities on the professional stage, where our singers gain experience, confidence and fans!                                                                                                              


TPS has been a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization since June of 2015.  Too many times, talented and dedicated students have had to stop their studies with us due to financial hardship. We have been told over the years that what we offer in arts education and performance opportunities is literally life-changing. Due to our particular kind of wholistic instruction, personal and positive encouragement and atmosphere of tremendous peer support, students invariably gain a great deal of self-confidence during their time at TPS. Regular private lessons and group coursework help students focus on learning new skills, stretch past their perceived limits and break through any 'blocks' they might have standing in the way of them becoming the singer/performer they most want to be. In addition, with our unique structure of regular performances in various sized venues, students gain experience "owning" the stage, a portfolio of photographs and videos commemorating their work and the ability to perform and grow once a year on a large, professional-level stage through our partnership with the Grand Theatre in SLC, UT. These kinds of opportunities are invaluable and offer students one-of-a-kind experiences on how to create powerful high-level performances that can bring them enormous pride and lasting growth. We already provide these experiences and we have a mission to be able to offer this to more students. We are continually branching out to help, most specifically, youth at risk or disadvantaged youth through seniors who find interest in music as a form of expression. By teaching in after school programs such as Promise South Salt Lake, we are already heading in the direction of offering more students access to the personalized training we offer as well as our unique performance opportunities. We want to continue growing our branches out into the community, providing a creative outlet that is safe, constructive and, most of all, meaningful to our students. Our mission is to help as many students as possible in the greater Salt Lake area, regardless of age, ability or economic background, realize their personal dreams in the vocal performing arts. If you or someone you know is interested in helping us grow in our endeavors, please contact the studio for more information on how you can become involved in this ongoing, rewarding adventure! 



The Performer Studio (TPS) is a vocal arts school and production company whose purpose is to empower people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to express their singing voice with confidence, and with it create positive change in their lives, their community, and the world.  

OUR MISSION is to encourage free expression, self-discovery, strong work ethics, creative thinking, and skilled performance in a variety of stage venues.


The Performer Studio is committed to the following organizational objectives:


  • Providing safe after school and summer time mentoring programs for diverse youth (K-12), adults and seniors in the study of music and music performance, specifically the vocal arts

  • Developing a genuine desire to practice a creative skill to the point of mastery and ownership.

  • Promoting a positive attitude and self-confidence through individuality, leadership, creativity and peer support.

  • Cultivating diversity and unity through shared artistic projects that celebrate people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientation, ages and abilities.

  • Providing mentored, educational, high quality performance opportunities for singers in the greater Salt Lake area.


We maintain and grow our space so that ALL students feel safe and appreciated for exactly who they are.  We find that most of our LGBTQ+ students struggle at school, work or other places in their lives with judgment and people not understanding them. Our students know that their time here at The Performer Studio is safe and that they can express their voice as exactly who they are. 



Do you Love To Sing?


Is Singing or Performing on your 'Bucket List'?  


Are you trying to Gain Confidence and Get Over Stage Fright?  


Do you want to just Perform More Often?  


Do you need some 'Me Time' where you Do Something Just For Yourself? 

Are you looking for a place where you can Be Yourself, Learn New Things and
Make New Friends?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We'd love to help you REACH YOUR GOALS!!!​


At The Performer Studio we work with all ages and abilities. We are also seeking dedicated students with a talent for singing and performing who are goal-oriented and wish to take their skills to the next level. We hold auditions each year for two of our specialized training programs and one performance opportunity, TPS Singers Academy for those singers who are dedicated towards going all the way with their talent. We offer audition-entry access to three different programs: TPS Singers Academy, TPS Choir and TPS Tribute Concert Workshops and Performances



2 pm - 9pm




Email   contact@theperformerstudio.com

Tel   801.513.9780


South Salt Lake,
UT 84106


Most photographs by Michael Bateman Photography or One World Media