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Audition Coaching

Audition Coaching

Are you auditioning for your favorite musical? Your local theatre's next season? *American Idol? The Voice? X-Factor? AGT? School Choir? A new band? College Programs?


The Performer Studio’s Audition Coach is here to assist you with...

  • Dealing With Nervousness

  • Song Selection

  • Selecting Best Part of the Song To Sing

  • How to Prepare a Solid Vocal Delivery  

  • How to Prepare a Solid Performance  

  • How to Prepare a Solid Introduction  

  • What To Wear  

  • Singing A Cappella

  • Preparing your Voice for Audition Day

We are here to assist you as you reach your full potential as a successful singing auditioner! 

Register for a session today!



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Some Free Audition Tips From TPS...



1. Deep Breathe using the “ujjayi” yogic breathing technique. It closely mimics our breath pattern when we are in REM sleep so by doing it when awake, it helps you calm down. It also helps you stay present, self-aware and grounded. When you do it, imagine your feet growing roots into the ground to give you solid, connected footing. In Sanskrit "ujjayi" literally translates to “one who is victorious.” 


2. Do a little Vocal Fry. This relaxes your vocal chords and helps get your voice in a good place to sing! Only about 15-20 seconds is all you need. 


3. Read your song lyrics out loud as a monologue before you go into the audition. Read them in character (if applicable) so that you remember what you are saying/doing and what you NEED to express through the words you’re about to sing. 


4. Remember, it’s not about you…at all. It’s about the character/or the song. It is about you showing up and sharing your talent and passion for singing. But by allowing the character/song to have their/its moment in the spotlight takes the focus off of you and put it onto the character/song where it belongs. Also, remember that you’re there to do a job…a FUN job, but one that they are looking for someone to fill and do well. It requires you to leave yourself once the music starts and just step into the world of the song.


5. Lastly, remind yourself that….if you land the part…GREAT! If you don’t…GREAT! If there is something better for you to spend your time doing instead of this show/gig, then you’ll be free to do that by not getting the part. Trust that whatever happens, you’ll be right where you’re meant to be doing just what you're meant to be doing. So basically, what you tell yourself before you go in is…”Hey, I got this! I get to go do something I really love doing for a minute or so and share a great song and my specific talent with these people and I’m going to have fun doing it! If it works out, great! If not, great!”




* Be prepared to introduce yourself with: Your Name, Name of the Song, Name of the Show and the person(s) who wrote the song…


...i.e.: “Hi! I’m <Your Name>. Today I’ll be singing a selection of the song ‘I’m Here’ from the musical, The Color Purple, with music and lyrics by Brenda Russell, Alee Willis and Stephen Bray.” Be sure to put a period and a short stop after your name. That’s the most important piece of information in your intro, who you are. It’s also important (and respectful) to know the names of the amazingly talented people who wrote the song you loved enough to use to help you land a role/gig.


* Avoid using the words “um” and “sorry” as much as you can. Both of those words undermine your confidence. This is your time…use it and own it. Only say "I'm sorry" if you've done something for which you need to apologize.


* Keep yourself open physically. When we close off physically it reads as “I don’t dare be vulnerable” or "I'm super nervous!" Open Body = Confidence! Refrain from having clasped hands, hands in pockets or hands behind you. Keep your arms free to express yourself in the intro and the feelings, thoughts and music in the song. 


* Rehearse your intro several times so that it's as prepared and as smooth as your song.  


*Lastly, hire an Audition Coach to help you with all of this if you can! At TPS we know how to get you ready for auditions so book an appointment or two. We can also help you with song selection as well. A qualified coach can be well worth the small investment and can give you the specific feedback you deserve and can also help you create confidence...a priceless gift!



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