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Beginning Riffing For Singers

Beginning Riffing for Singers

Looking to improve (or begin) your ability as a singer who can do vocal riffs and runs? Then The Performer Studio’s Beginning Riffing For Singers is the right class for you! This is the first of several vocal riffing classes that we are introducing this year. This class includes the following...

  • Basic Vowels and Differentiation

  • Learning the Jazz Scale

  • Learning the Blues Scale

  • Simple Ballet Terms and Movements

  • Simple Jazz Terms and Movements

  • Original Jazz Combination  

  • Original Broadway Combination  

  • Bob Fosse BASICS (see Bob Fosse Smooth Criminal video for examples of his style)

We are here to assist you as you reach your full potential as a singers who can riff with the best of them! We give you the tools to keep your riffing ability in top condition! 




WHERE: South Salt Lake 84106

What is Riffing?

Riffing is defined on Quora as...

"Riffs are added in singing as ornamentation or embellishment. They can come at the beginning of, in the middle of, or at the end of, phrases. They can be very simple, with the sliding into or out of a note, or more complex. Longer riffs turn into runs." 

Voice lessons Salt Lake City, Singing Lessons Salt Lake City

photo by michael bateman

​Kait Kingston

Lead Acting Instructor, Director, Casting Director 

Kait Kingston has been a performer since she could walk. Starting out on Virginia Tanner's LAP for her very first modern dance class in SLC, UT, Kait began her career as a performer at the age of 5. Continuing on in dance, Kait became a company member with the Children's Dance Theatre Co. (CDT) and for the next 7 years, she was able to perform year-round with the company both locally and abroad in Canada, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Kait was also chosen as one of the young dancer girls in the Doris Humphrey piece Day On Earth, where she toured nationally with Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT), an adult dance company also based in SLC, UT. At the age of 12, Kait developed rheumatoid arthritis which effectively ended her dance career. Once in high school, Kait returned to performing in her school's rock band Rowtown, at Rowland-Hall St. Mark's as the band's drummer. There, she began singing backup vocals and realizing her love for musical performance. Kait then attended the University of Utah where she received her BFA from the Actor Training Program, then directed by Kenneth Washington. It was from Kenneth that Kait learned the core of her acting skills and how to discover and then realize

the humanity of the written word through both classical and contemporary theatre. After this, she moved to California where she pursued and received her M.F.A. in Musical Theatre from ​San Diego State University​ (SDSU). It was while here that Kait began her teaching career. She founded small private coaching business for the undergraduate students as well as her peers in the MFA theatre program as a result of her work as both an adjunct faculty at SDSU for various levels of acting courses and as the acting coach for the Kurt Weill show, Berlin To Broadway! It was there in San Diego that The Performer Studio was born. After completing her master's thesis on character development for the performer and a third year of teaching at the University level, Kait moved to Los Angeles for 5 years where she complete post-graduate study in vocal technique with world master voice teacher, Edward Sayegh and the American Musical Theatre Workshop. In 2004 Kait returned to her roots in Salt Lake City, UT to continue both her performing and teaching career. 

Kait: "My goal with each student is to help them to become the very best they can be as performers and to assist them as they find their "voice." But in addition, I aim to lift their spirit during the time they spend here, so that when they leave for the day, after the work they've done, they feel better, more inspired, more empowered and more confident and driven than they did when they arrived for class."


Joel Mendoza

Guest Vocal Riffing Instructor  

Bio coming soon! 

photo by brian gerber

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