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​Online Harmonica Lessons - Stay in the comfort of your home and become a harmonica player!

Kait Kingston picked up the harmonica while headlining her own blues band in Los Angeles, CA back in 2002. Since then, she has played harmonica in many different bands and has taught beginning harmonica since 2017. Lessons focus on a variety of subject matter: breath support, embouchure, understanding the instrument, learning solo material and how to transcribe your own solos. Students can expect to play a solo during their first lesson! 

Kait's goal is to help students develop a solid understanding of how the harmonica works and how to find ease while playing their favorite songs. Currently she teaches beginning harmonica skills only. Kait creates an honest, nurturing, friendly environment that fosters motivation, understanding, fun, self-discipline and an open, easy back and forth dialogue as you get to know and play one of the smallest instruments on the planet! You can take it everywhere you go and delight people anytime and anywhere with your new skills!

A Daily Practice That Makes You Sing Like A Pro.

As an instructor, Kait fosters self confidence in her lessons & courses to help students discover what the harmonica can do and how incredibly fun it is to play! Initial work is spent on understanding the instrument itself, it's basic note layout and how those notes are played. Students will learn breath control through a unique and proven technique that combines Pilates and yoga style exercises that build the muscles involved in supporting the breath *(a nice side-benefit is that because of the attention to developing healthy long and strong abdominal muscles, students tend to have fewer  back problems, better posture & super strong abs!) Primary focus is to build breath capacity and control. Exercises are also explored that help the player understand how important embouchure is to creating clean tones that are on pitch. (Embouchure is essentially the shape inside our mouths and how subtle changes to that shape can make the notes we play possible). Basic music vocabulary is also taught to enhance the the student's understanding of how the instrument is laid out. 


Kait Kingston

photo by Michael Bateman

​Example of a lesson with Kait:


- Exercises & learning breathing techniques that make things easier

- Learn and/or play a song chosen by the student and Kait together​

- Identify the "trouble spots" in the song

- Explore learned techniques that help the student find their way through these "trouble spots" with more ease, understanding and confidence.

- Play through song again and directly apply new technique

- Review the OLD way of playing the "trouble spot" and then go back to the NEW way so student can see how they get to use the new approach

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