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"...I had a six-pack after a couple months."

photo by one world media

"I was 18 when I started working with Kait Kingston. I searched online for a singing teacher, and she looked pretty good. I met with her and set some goals. She was very welcoming of me, even though i was a complete beginner to singing.
I really enjoyed her approach to it all. I especially liked her focus on strengthening your diaphragm and abs (I had a six pack after a couple months).
The performances she puts on are extremely fun. She had photographers come, a stage built, and the acoustics were great. She had a makeup artist come in also. My voice improved a lot in the time working with Kait. My confidence in singing improved just as much.
The name of the place is the ''The Performer Studio", which is exactly what it is. You focus on vocal performance, but also stage presence, and how to put on a good performance. She was my ideal teacher. If you are unsure about a teacher, I highly recommend Kait. After just an interview / initial meeting, you will see all she has to offer.

-Tyler N.


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