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Karaoke & Kait!



For Singers Age 21 & Up!

Make the Regulars 'Eat Your Dust!'

For singers ages 21 and up! Kait is designing a weekly class to take place in a local karaoke venue which will allow singers to "brush up" on their skills before the rest of the crowd gets to the club! A way to try out some of your favorite songs and showcase your new skills in front of a live and weekly crowd. Class topics will include: 

-Finding Your Stage Light 
-Microphone Technique 
-Song Selection 
-Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup...& Shoes! 
-Working Your Crowd 
-Focus, Grounding and Owning the Stage 
-How To Deliver A Memorable Performance.


*If you are interested in taking this course, or participating in it's implementation, please contact the studio! We are still seeking a venue for this awesome class!

Music School Utah

Singing Lessons Salt Lake City

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