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Performance Opportunities all year round!

The Performer Studio produces four student concerts per year in various theatrical venues. Our shows have been referred to as "Theatrical concerts, where every singer is the star!"


We also offer students several additional performance opportunities throughout the greater Salt Lake area. We know all too well that in order for singers to truly experience ownership over song material, it is imperative to participate in regular performance opportunities. TPS concerts allow students to also enjoy and grow from the experience of working with sound and lighting designers as well as hair & make-up artists, costumers and high-end professional photographers and videographers. 

Our Students Gain
Experience, Confidence
& Fans!

March 16, 2019

Spring Concert!

Sing a solo and/or take part in a weekly class that cullminates in our annual Spring Concert where the song choice is "Sky's the Limit!"

Since TPS produces 4 of our own concerts per year and participates in numerous additional performance opportunities through the year, we have to limit what we showcase online to simply our past Tribute Concerts.
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