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Rose-Yvonne Colletta - Guest Instructor
In SLC September 10th - 20th ONLY!


Voice lessons Salt Lake City, Singing Lessons Salt Lake City

Rose-Yvonne Colletta

Guest Instructor from Austin, TX
Intuitive Coach | Vocal Improvisation Coach

Intuitive Coach:

Rose-Yvonne Colletta has studied the Healing Arts with many gifted individuals, including an eighteen-month study of theory and practicum through The Center for Interdimensional Healing, resulting in her certification.  Rose-Yvonne’s unique approach facilitates transformative experiences utilizing Intuitive Counseling, Visualization, and Energy Clearing.  She strives to help people live the lives that bring them joy.

Voice lessons Salt Lake City, Singing Lessons Salt Lake City

“Working with Rose-Yvonne is truly life changing.  She has opened the most enormous door for me in my life.  A door that I never knew even COULD open. The information she received for me was life affirming. Her personality and ease of communication has a way of connecting me to what I need to know so desperately in my life but was always too afraid to even ask about. The information is so incredibly valuable, I can’t even put a price on it.  All I can say is that no amount of money is too much for the gifts I have received through my work with and through her elegant reception and connectivity. She connects me with my power in a way that everything in my life becomes effortless. I am so grateful to have found her. She is the guide I need and want and implicitly trust with delivering and finding the information I need to know to live my truest and fullest life imaginable. I can’t see myself ever not doing this work with her. She is like the conductor of the harmonious energy that is destined to continually come to me. Working with her is like paying my phone bill or internet bill…it is part of my budget because it keeps me connected with not just the world but more importantly with myself and my ultimate power as a person who wants to live the fullest life I can imagine. ”  - K. Kingston, TPS Director – Salt Lake City

Vocal Improvisation Coach:

Rose-Yvonne Colletta (AEA) began singing as a child in church. She grew up with choral and classical music, gospel and salsa.  At age ten, she and her family moved to Brazil, where she fell in love with the sounds of forró, bossa, and samba.  Coming from a multi-cultural family of musicians, storytellers, artists and designers, she naturally embraces diversity in culture and expression.  She received her MFA in Musical Theater from San Diego State University, and post-graduate voice training with internationally distinguished vocal teacher, Edward Sayegh. While living in Los Angeles for over ten years, she studied vocal jazz from top instructors of LAMA.  As a session singer she has worked with a variety of bands including Las Sirenas in Madrid, Spain.  Rose-Yvonne continues to perform, vocal coach, and hone her craft in Austin, Texas.

Rose-Yvonne: "Music truly makes my heart sing, and when I work with TPS students, there is joy in the air.  They come prepared to learn and give it their all.  TPS empowers them, and they are fearless!  It is such a gift to be able to share knowledge and technique with eager performers.  I love the moment when suddenly the tools and the creative self merge and singers leap ahead in their confidence, performance, and aspirations.  That is why I coach, and that is why I love working with Kait and TPS!"

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