​Online Voice Lessons - Stay home and grow your voice!

Kait Kingston, lead Voice Coach at The Performer Studio, works with students of all ages and vocal abilities. All you need is a desire to sing and to grow your voice...and the internet. Lessons focus on a variety of subject matter. Vocal techniques are focused on helping the singer gain strength, become more vocally and artistically flexible, have a larger range and a limitless capacity for dynamics and vocal choices. Kait spent her post graduate years training with top Los Angeles vocal and performance coaches who enabled her to realize her

vocal freedom. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a seasoned pro, choosing a vocal coach with vision, honesty and capability is key to your progress as a singer. Finding a coach who is a good fit for your personality is also crucial to a student's success. Kait creates a nurturing, friendly environment that fosters motivation, fun, discipline and an open, easy back and forth dialogue.

A Daily Practice That Makes You Sing Like A Pro.

As a vocal coach, Kait fosters self confidence in her lessons & courses to help students discover what their voice can do. Initial work is spent on understanding the voice as an instrument, it's basic anatomy and health. Students will learn breath control through a unique and proven technique that combines Pilates and yoga style exercises that build the muscles involved in supporting the voice *(a nice side-benefit is that because of the attention to developing healthy long and strong abdominal muscles, students tend to have fewer  back problems, increased self-confidence & super strong abs!) Primary focus is to build vocal stamina and strength. Exercises are also explored that help the singer broaden the spectrum of vocal colors, increase range and fine-tune their tonal placement (be on pitch!). Basic music vocabulary is also taught to enhance the the student's understanding of HOW their instrument is working. *Each hour long private lesson is $50 per single hour lesson (shorter lesson times may be suggested for students under the age of 10 depending on their attention span once lessons begin). We also offer a discounted hourly rate when 4 or more lessons are purchased together. We offer some of the most affordable singing lesson rates in Salt Lake City. Our half-hour rate is $30 and 45 minute sessions are $40. Weekly lessons are recommended but we also offer every 2 weeks as well. 

Kait Kingston

photo by Michael Bateman

Tighten Up Your Belt Voice!

...or, even learn HOW to belt in the first place. It's a very unique kind of vocal training and one that deserves to be coached by a professional instructor who knows how to assist you so that you learn how to do so healthfully. Kait understands how the belt voice works and how to help students embrace that sound and make it shine! If your goal is to be on Broadway or even try out successfully for a lead in a local theatre, Kait can help you get there!


Audition Coaching!

For those wanting to prepare for an audition for a musical theatre production, a local band, or one of the big singing TV shows like The Voice, America's Got Talent or American Idol, Kait's got your back. 

​Example of a lesson with Kait:


- ​Warm-up the voice

- Sing a song chosen by the student and Kait​

- Identify the"trouble spots" in the song

- Explore new vocal techniques that help the student find their way through these "trouble spots" with more ease, understanding and consistent confidence.

- Sing through song again and directly apply new technique

- Review the OLD way of singing the "trouble spot" and then go back to the NEW way so student can see how they get to use the new approach

- ​Assign homework for the following week

Due to the coronavirus, kait is only offering online lessons due to her having a compromised immune system.



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